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Hello, beauty! I'm Jackie Sue and I am a professionally trained makeup artist based in the gorgeous state of New Mexico. I offer a wide range of makeup services, including bridal/special events, HD photography/editorial, SFX, and much more.

I deeply appreciate the role I get to play in my client's special moments. From my brides and grooms, who sit in my makeup chair and share their love stories, to my photography clients, about to capture a memory forever.

I love creating a calm space for clients to feel pampered and relaxed.

To me, makeup is very much a ritual of self love.

My love affair with makeup began as a love affair with myself. It was the way that I redesigned a harsh perception of myself into a genuine confidence. So often when a client sits in my chair, the first thing I’m told is “I’m sorry about the texture of my skin, about the shape of my nose, about the size of my lips…” The list goes on! And I always respond in the same way: “Do NOT apologize for how you look, to me or anyone else.”

I believe that makeup is not about correcting anything, but enhancing the features that make you feel like your best self. The air of reassurance and confidence that my clients leave with is truly what makes them stunning.

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